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Waff Studio

Don't let their quirky, simple design fool you. Waffs are simply amazing tools. These inflatable cushions are extremely versatile, going from rehab to relaxation, used by young and old, athletic and sedentary. Made of 3 different types of PVC, and coming in 3 different sizes, the uses are endless!


Developed by a French designer in collaboration with medical professionals in multiple fields over the last 10 years, the Waff has consistenly shown positive results in its effects on the nervous system and structural rebalancing. By creating an adaptive unstable surface for the body, Waff minis and mediums activate our brain's instinctual balancing system, creating a whole body "fight" against that instability. In doing so, they are highly effective in targeting fascial and muscular chains as opposed to isolated muscle groups. They strengthen the weak points of a myofascial chain by reintegrating them into that chain, creating a stronger whole as opposed to a stronger area.



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