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Stephanie TURPIN, LMT (CA CMT)

Over the last 10 years, Stephanie has built a reputation for being a therapist who goes above and beyond. Fascinated by biology at an early age, and with a penchant for all things medical, she initially pursued a career in pharmaceutical research. As life would have it, her life took a different turn, and in the process revealed she had a gift in her hands. After completing her Bachelor's of Business Administration in Paris, France, she set off to Los Angeles, CA to study massage therapy and then spent the next 8 years working alongside talented osteopaths and physical therapists Fabrice and Alexandra Gautier.  She recently moved to Tampa Bay, FL ready to apply her skills, knowledge, and experience her own practice.


She established Celsus Integrative Therapy on the one concept she has learned in all her years of practice: every body is different. To treat a part is to treat the whole, and every person is a fascinating, unique combination of mind-body-soul. Listening and understanding what someone's mind, body and soul is telling you is crucial to successful treatment.