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Waffs are particularly effective in physical rehabilitation and training, cutting rehab time significantly for common joint and postural weaknesses.


- Ankle and knee injuries: sprains, ligament and meniscus tears, chronic pain from muscle weakness and compensation


- Postural deficiencies: thoracic and lumbar pain


- Hip pain


Pro-athletes have found the Waffs to be highly effective in rehabilitating knee and ankle injuries, as well as reinforcing myofascial chains to increase athletic performance.

Performance Training

Sometimes postural and joint weaknesses can be the reason for poor athletic performance and chronic injuries.  As Waffs can be used for rehabilitating current pain and injury sites, so can they be used to prevent future injuries an athlete or aspiring athlete could be at risk for. This is what our unique performance Waff training aims to do.


Our holistic approach combines our knowledge of body mechanics, our therapeutic bodywork and experience to enhance and reinforce the way an athlete moves to increase performance without straining the body past its capabilities.


This includes using the Waffs to build core strength and reinforce joints, evaluating and treating tissue restrictions at different intervals in the training process, and incorporating appropriate stretching techniques.


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