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No two bodies are alike, even if the design is similar. We understand the importance of the body-mind connection, and the importance of treating a person as a whole and not the sum of its parts. This is not your average massage. This is pinpointed pain relief and pain management, unlocking that frozen shoulder, avoiding that last cortisone shot you know is only doing half the job, getting that extra range of motion to give you that extra edge over the competition...


This is our manual therapy.


We will work alongside your medical and/or professional team to give you the best care we can so you can get back to feeling and performing at your best.


We will treat you as the individual body-mind-soul that you are, because there is no BODY like you.

Celsus Integrative Therapy is a holistic approach to wellness and performance. We combine our knowledge and experience of manual therapy (massage, myoskeletal manipulation, myofascial release...) with rehab/prehab/posthab training to fix, prevent, and strengthen structural weaknesses that lead to injury. Our techniques have been used on the highest levels of pro-athletics and have shown faster, more effective results than physical therapy and traditional workouts alone.


Using a product just making its way from Europe to the US, we not only make strengthening fun, we make it effective on a whole body level.



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